Our Purpose

The Kazembe Foundation is the legacy of Courtney Kazembe, attorney, author and transformational coach. With a philosophy that stems from the belief that all people deserve personal attention, ethical treatment and exceptional representation, Courtney has been dedicated to serving those in our community since 1996.

The Kazembe Foundation was rebranded in 2021 to include a mental health initiative, Corey’s Resiliency. Close to the heart of Annika Kazembe, Corey’s Resiliency aims to educate, support and provide advocacy for families of individuals who suffer with mental health challenges and have had contact with the criminal justice system or are at risk. 

The Kazembe Foundation was created to contribute to the transformation, inspiration and positive development of people everywhere. Our goal is to encourage individuals to have self-belief and to assist in providing opportunities that inspire them to take on an empowered role in their lives and in their communities.

As a global nonprofit for youths,  the Kazembe Foundation launch YESS Global  that empowers young people to transform their lives and re-envision their futures. We provide youths with the services, tools, professional attire, medical and legal support to powerfully advance their future. Most importantly, our programs equip young people with confidence and community which helps to build self-defined success in both personal and professional growth. The youths we help often pay-it-forward, supporting the next youth who needs a hand.


YESS Global is committed to educating and transforming the lives of youth globally.


A world where all youth have the opportunity to achieve their fullest and highest potential.


We match our words with our actions and respect the cultures, beliefs & traditions of all.


Courtney Kazembe


Annika Kazembe

Chief Executive Officer

Founders Statement

When you are blessed you have to pass it on. I have been blessed and it is my privilege to pass it on. We have all been blessed. I am committed to doing all that I can to make this world a better place for all of us on this planet.

- Courtney Kazembe

It is my core belief that if a change is needed, it is up to me. I am committed to being the change that I want to see. Join me on being the change you want to see.

- Annika Kazembe

YESS Globals Initiative is an organization established to tackle societal problems by building a generation of excellence through inculcating moral qualities into the lives of youths.