Youth Empowerment & Success Seminar​

The YESS! (Youth Empowerment & Success) program is an extra-ordinary life transforming experience for young people. In this program, youths look at their lives in ways that leave them confident, empowered and responsible. They leave the program with a heightened awareness of their beauty, power and the courage to be themselves.

The objective of the program is to develop self-confidence, willpower, leadership skills, and patriotism in youth so that they can make their lives not only good but also useful. Central to this objective is the belief that learning is a continuous, expanding process that does not end when one graduates from high school or college or attains success in a career. Our youth show tremendous initiative in their lives to share what they’ve learned with other youths on the same path. YESS! encourages the pursuit of intellectual and personal growth for a life of continuous empowerment!

Program Benefits

  • Unleashing their full potential, authenticity and creativity.

  • Create willingness and courage to deal with their fears.

  • Experience extraordinary improvements in all relationships.

  • Have respect and honor for self and their body.

  • Develop a powerful relationship with success and money.

  • Cultivate a sense of peace and joyfulness about their future.

  • First Class academic & business performance

Mentorship Program

Our YESS! Mentorship program is our post-event offering to our youth who partake in the YESS! Program to continue their progress on becoming their most empowered versions of themselves. Youths are paired with a highly qualified mentor during the 6 weeks where they have an opportunity to develop key life skills that focuses on character, personal development, career goals and strategic planning. Our mentoring program is strategically developed as we assess every participant’s life experiences, career interests, personalities, and goals to determine the best fit. The YESS! Mentorship is powered by Kazembe Foundations’ “The Mentor’s Circle” program.